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Autowell Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional automation solution provider in China. Founded in 2010, the company now employed of over 1000 staff, servicing photovoltaic enterprises with equipment such as tabber & stringer machines, laser cutters, wafer sorters, etc.  Meanwhile, ATW has dedicated independent R&D to developing facilities like lithium battery module, PACK intelligent production line, and lithium battery physical inspection & sorting equipment, catering to the needs of the new energy sector.

Autowell always upholds the following operation philosophies: keeping self-dependent innovation, adequate advance, industry leadership; holding to high-efficiency service concept; maintaining good product quality; conforming to contract spirit that values behavior rather than speech. in the future, it will make further efforts in the automatic equipment industry and continuously make breakthroughs to promote industrial development.

The company entered the PV industry in 2012 and successfully delivered the first generation of automatic PV tabber and stringer machines in 2013. The product presented subversive improvement to previous ones and was soon well-received by the market with its good stability, compatibility, and adaptability to ultra-thin cells thus became ATW flagship product for subsequent years. The tabber and stringer machines fall into three categories: conventional stringer, multi-function stringer, shingle module stringer, all of which are characterized by high levels of capacity, compatibility and precision. Over recent years, with the fast growth of the PV industry and the rapid advancement of technology, the PV equipment industry is also in the rising period. Autowell will concentrate on further research and development and continue to deliver new products to meet the need of technical progress in the PV industry.

Meanwhile, ATW steadily expand into the front end of the automation industry chain with committed efforts to promote the development of automation technologies in the renewable energy industry. Its self-developed intelligent production lines of lithium battery modules and packs as well as optical sorters for lithium batteries are highly recognized within the industry and won favorable comments from customers. The company has been granted 166 patents as a result of developing the pouch, cylindrical, and prismatic module/pack production equipment. As the renewable energy has a promising prospect and lithium battery standardization continues, Autowell will certainly provide reliable and trustworthy equipment and competitive service and solutions to continuously create value for our customers, empower them to succeed.

Autowell has cooperated with nearly 400 enterprises in the domestic and abroad as of today with its products sold to over twenty countries and regions. It has output more than 100GW to the solar module market and made a significant contribution to increasing the cost efficiency in the PV industry.


ATW have Cooperation with nearly 400 Chinese and foreign enterprises since its established 10 years ago.


Products sold to 29 countries and regions


A total of 208 R&D personnel, of which 48 people (23.08%) have master degrees


512 patents obtained, including 37 invention patents, 59 software copyrights, and 48 software products.

Corporate Honor

In 2016, Autowell's Automatic Tabber and Stringer for Ultra-thin Solar Cells won the No.1 prize of the 2016 Technological Award in Jiangsu Machinery Industry. ATW project of Research, Development, and Industrialization of Automatic Tabber and Stringer for PV cells with LRF Lamination was included in Jiangsu's provincial program of scientific-technical achievement transformation.

In 2017, ATW Intelligent Production Line for Cylindrical Cell Lithium Battery Pack was approved by the Science and Technology Department of Jiangsu Province as the high-tech product. The Intelligent Production Line Equipment for ALP240R Cylindrical Cell Lithium Battery Pack was accredited by the Jiangsu Economic and Information Technology Commission as "the First (Set) of Important Equipment in Jiangsu Province".

In 2018, ATW Intelligent Online Wafer Testing and Sorter was listed into Jiangsu's provincial program of High-end Equipment Research for Technical inovation. ATW Intelligent Production Line Equipment for ALP240R Cylindrical Cell Lithium Battery Pack was initiated as "Demo Project for Application of the First (Set) of Important Equipment in Jiangsu Province".

In 2018, the company was rated as "Jiangsu Science and Technology Small Giant Enterprise" by the Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Commission. Subsidiary-Intelligent Equipment Company was rated as "Private Technology Enterprise in Jiangsu Province" by Jiangsu Provincial Private Technology Enterprise Association in 2017

In 2018, the company's technology center was identified as "Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center"; in the same year, the company was awarded the "Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center Construction Project" certification to assist in the construction of the "Jiangsu Photovoltaic Automation Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center".

In 2019, ATW was recognized as Quasi-unicorn Enterprise in Wuxi and Potential Unicorn Enterprise in Sunan National Innovation Park, Jiangsu.

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