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Photovoltaic Equipment
CHD150-M2600 Dual Track PV Cell Soldering Stringer
Model CHD150-M2600
Cell size 125mm and 156mm full and half cells
Cell thickness 160-300 microns
Interconnecting  ribbons config 125/2BB and 156/3BB 4BB 5BB
Cellspacing adjustable 1-6mm
Cell string length Up to 12 cells,24 half cells. Longest string 2000mm
Cell string length error ±0.5mm
Cell string deviation ≤0.5mm
Ribbon specification Thickness 0.16-0.28mm,Width 0.9mm-1.8mm
Ribbon positioning accuracy ±0.2mm
Cell crack ratio ﹤0.2%
Cell positioning CCD detection and robot positioning
Cell string transport method Teflon coated fibreglass conveyor belts, servo motor drive
Flux coating method Cell double-sided spraying, spray  spacing is adjustable
Cell: types of defect detection Chipped edge / corner chip/ crack / silk skew / cell rotated / surface dirt
Cell string removal Manual or automatic unloading of finished cell string
Electrical control system PLC and servo systems
Can be upgraded LRF Aplicator,Strings auto inpection
HMI Industrial PC with intergrated touch screen mounted on a boom
Electrical input 3 phase 380V Power:Operating13W
Air supply requirement 650NL/min operation and up to 1000NL/min maximum
Equipment dimensions Length 6958×width2225×height2157mm
Width with doors open3067mm,Width required with boom rotation 3485mm ,Length required with boom rotation8070mm
Weight 6000kg

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