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Photovoltaic Equipment
CHS150-M1300 Single Track PV Cell Soldering Stringer
Model CHS150-M1300
Capacity 1300 Cells/hour
Cell size 125mm and 156mm full and half cells
Cell thickness 160-300 microns
Interconnecting  ribbons config 125/2BB and 156/3BB 4BB 5BB
Cellspacing adjustable 1-6mm 
Cell string length Up to 12 cells,24 half cells. Longest string 2000mm
Cell string length error ±0.5mm
Cell string deviation ≤0.5mm
Ribbon specification Thickness 0.16-0.28mm,Width 0.9mm-1.8mm
Ribbon positioning accuracy ±0.2mm
Cell crack ratio ﹤0.2% 
Cell positioning CCD detection and robot positioning
Cell string transport method Teflon coated fibreglass conveyor belts, servo motor drive
Flux coating method Cell double-sided spraying, spray  spacing is adjustable
Cell: types of defect detection Chipped edge / corner chip/ crack / silk skew / cell rotated / surface dirt
Cell string removal Manual or automatic unloading of finished cell string
Electrical control system PLC and servo systems
HMI Industrial PC with intergrated touch screen mounted on a boom
Electrical input 3 phase 380V Power:Operating 5.5kW,Preheating 8kW
Air supply requirement 450NL/min operation and up to 800NL/min maximum
Equipment dimensions Length 5612×width 1386×height 2131mm
Width with doors open 2463mm,Width required with boom rotation 2948mm ,Length required with boom rotation 6316mm
Weight 3000kg

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