Li-ion Intelligent Manufacturing

Wuxi Autowell Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wuxi Autowell Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock code: 688516), a leading enterprise in the PV module equipment market. In 2016, ATW entered the field of lithium-ion battery industry through the acquisition of Autowell Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Autowell Intelligent Equipment mainly offers intelligent production lines which can assemble the cylindrical, pouch or prismatic cells into module or PACK. In the past few years, 40 sets of cylindrical, pouch or prismatic cell module/PACK lines and standalone machines have been provided to a number of lithium-ion battery manufacturers such as the cell, PACK or vehicle factories. The production lines have also been used in various lithium-ion battery applications, such as EV, EB, and ESS.