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Intelligent Cylindrical Cell PACK Assembly Line


The Cylindrical Cell PACK Line is a fully automated production line with its own MES system, involving stations such as cell loading, cell code scan, OCV/IR test, cell sorting & temporary storage, cell into holder, busbar assembly, module welding and module test, with optional functions like barley paper labeling, plasma cleaning and cell code printing.


Strong compatibility

Available for 18650, 26650, 21700 cells and a wide variety of processes

High Efficiency

100ppm for single line; fast tool kit / fixture changeover

High Reliability

Imported key components and mass production proven devices

Perfect Safety

Each unit has safety and insulation protection

Simple Operation

The sorting, storage, layup and welding of cells can be done according to the imported recipe

Intelligent System

MES system tracks the data generated during the manufacturing process in real-time for the purpose of quality control and traceability