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High Speed Multi Busbar Cell Soldering Stringer

Module Equipment


MS40A High Speed Multi Busbar Cell Soldering Stringer is a fully automatic machine, which can be used with different types of silicon solar cells, monocrystalline or polycrystalline, and solder them into a string. It is suitable for traditional 156 3BB~12BB cells, and 156*78/3BB~12BB half cells (after upgrading). With the use of PLC, servo, SCARA robot, industrial image processor system and other advanced automation technology, all processes from cell feed to string outlet are automated without manual operation. MS40B/C Suitable for 156~185mm cells, Integration of laser cutter is optional MS100 Series Suitable for 156~210mm cells, Inline integration of nondestructive laser cutter is available


Perfect Stability

Dual-track cell feed, extending the cycle time of single line

High Capacity

With high production capacity of full/half-cell strings

Strong Compatibility

Faster and more stable switchover between conventional module and MBB module production due to the changeover of whole set tooling instead of modular changeover

Excellent Expandability

Cell laser cutter, optical string inspection module, inline EL inspection module, ribbon flattening module, LRF applicator are optional. It can also be upgraded to produce shingling strings.