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Autowell Technology Co., Ltd., is a professional automation solution provider in China. Founded in 2010, the company now employs of over 2000 staff, servicing photovoltaic enterprises with equipment such as tabber & stringer machines, laser cutters, wafer sorters, etc. Meanwhile, ATW has dedicated independent R&D to develop facilities like lithium battery module, PACK intelligent production line, and lithium battery physical inspection & sorting equipment, catering to the needs of the new energy sector.

In 2012, ATW began to develop the PV tabber and stringer, then launched it to the market in 2013 thus became a well-known automatic PV equipment manufacturer. In 2016, ATW entered the lithium battery industry and since then, has started making more investments in the research and development centered around renewable energy and expanding its businesses.

With mechanical, electrical, electronic, optical, machine eyesight, robot, and computer technologies, ATW realizes the research&development, design, and manufacture of high-end intelligent equipment and applies such equipment to precision processing, testing, and intelligent manufacturing in the downstream industries. ATW helps customers advance their levels of automation to enhance productivity, product quality, and cost-efficiency.


ATW have Cooperation with nearly 500 Chinese and foreign enterprises since its established 10 years ago.


Products sold to over 30 countries and regions


489 R&D personnel, accounting for 22.23% of the total employees


974 patents obtained, including 55 invention patents, 73 software copyrights, and 50 other intellectual property rights.

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